Burnace's increased static rewards, automatic true burn, and buy back will benefit holders significantly in the long run by increasing the token's value.
Burnace's mission is to be the world's first TRUE hyper deflationary token and the best coin for HODLING. Burnace's method is unique in that it rewards long-term investors in a variety of ways while penalizing short-term sells. With never-before-seen innovations in the defi space, such as the equilibrium effect, static RFI rewards, and automatic true burn and buyback, Burnace has taken the defi field to the next level.

The Concept of Demand & Supply

The law of supply and demand is a theory that explains how sellers and buyer of a Particular product interact. The hypothesis establishes a relationship between the price of a good or service and people's willingness to buy or sell it. Generally, when prices rise, people are willing to supply more and demand less; conversely, as prices fall, people are willing to supply more and demand less.
The idea is predicated on the application of two distinct "laws," the law of demand and the law of supply. Both regulations work in tandem to establish the actual market price and volume of products traded on a market.
  • The law of demand says at higher prices, buyers will demand less of an economic good.
  • The law of supply says that at higher prices, sellers will supply more of an economic good.
  • These two laws interact to determine the actual market prices and volume of goods that are traded on a market, The equilibrium point occurs where the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied.

BURNACE's Solution


BURNACE would be burning 65% (390 million) of its total supply of 600 million, before Official Launch with burning proof shown to its community , Using the concept illustrated above, supply would diminish, and demand would increase, as the token would be limited in the market, increasing the value hence. After Launch, 8% of each transaction is sold to purchase BNB automatically, which is then put in a reserve. This reserve is then held in the BURNACE contract for buying back and burning. This system makes BURNACE both rarer and increases the value of the token at the same time.


  • This BURNACE-AXE technique has a triple effect: it reduces total supply, adds BNB to the liquidity pool, and immediately increases the coin's value.
  • 8% of each transaction is spent on BNB acquisition and storage in the BURNACE contract, which we termed AXE.
  • Due to the fact that AXE used its BNB to purchase BURNACE (ACE), it automatically removes $ACE from the ACE-BNB liquidity pool by purchasing and burning the ACE.
  • It then adds this BNB into the liquidity pool.
  • This results in an instant increase in the price of BURNACE. This increase in price attracts additional investors to the market.
  • In comparison to other projects that have a burn function, our TRUE burn approach results in a rapid price gain when those coins are removed from the liquidity pool, replaced with additional BNB, and then burned.