🎁RFI Static Rewards

Why Static Rewards?

Static awards address a variety of issues. To begin, the incentive amount is contingent upon the volume of the exchanged token. This method is intended to reduce some of the negative sell pressure applied to the token by early adopters who sold their tokens after harvesting insanely high APY. Second, the reflect mechanism incentivizes holders to keep onto their tokens in order to earn larger kick-backs day after day, since their holding percentage increases with each purchase or sale.

Automatic Rewards to Holders

Burn fees of 8 percent are applied to each and every BUY event that involves a BURNACE transaction. Moreover, any SELL event involving a BURNACE transaction is subject to a tax fee of 10% of the transaction value. This comprises a 2 percent redistribution to existing holders as well as an 8 percent burn fee.This means holding on to their BURNACE earns them rewards, which encourages holders and inhibits pump and dump traders from operating in the market. Holders will be rewarded for holding on to their tokens, as the value of their holdings will increase over time. Furthermore, even if investors do nothing, they will continue to accumulate BURNACE merely by having the asset itself.
ADDITIONALLY, in order to encourage $ACE holders, investors who hold $ACE tokens will earn 0.13 percent of the total $ACE held in the wallet on a daily basis. , These earnings will be paid out from the $ACE tokens that have been locked away as rewards. Overall, $ACE tokens are earned at a rate of 4 percent every month for doing nothing and simply holding onto $ACE! Holders of ACE points will see their yields increase even further.