Burnace is the World's Highest Hyper deflationary token with Burn & Buy-back algorithm.

Unique Characteristics

ACE Supply is Limited

Burnace is a limited supply token with numerous utility features. The overall supply is hard-capped at 600 million, with 390 million (65 percent ) burned before launch. Via our burning mechanism, each demand must be met by an equal supply, which complements the price; the approach of cutting supply, on the other hand, conversely increases the price in the long run.

Automated RFI Static Rewards to Holders

Each buy transaction involving a BURNACE trade is subject to an 8% burn fee. and each SELL transaction includes a 10% fee. the 10% fee is split into two parts Which includes a 2% redistribution to current holders of BURNACE and a 8% burn fee. Those that choose to hold their $ACE are rewarded, which promotes holders and discourages pump and dump traders. Holders are rewarded for retaining their tokens, as their holdings will grow in value over time. And even if investors do nothing, they continue to accumulate BURNACE simply by owning it.

Accelerated Staking Rewards

Burnace is the first token of its kind to deliver exponentially higher benefits through our unique "ACE" pools: Stake your burnace to one of our "ACE" earning pools to earn third-party tokens such as BNB, BUSD, and so on. Even if burnace is not in your wallet, you will continue to earn automatic holding incentives as if it were, as well as staking prizes in ACE pools.

Advanced Buy-back & Burn Algorithm (AXE)

Burnace's revolutionary BuyBack service and unique use cases are setting new DeFi model standards. This long-standing stock market paradigm is already altering cryptocurrency. it sets a new standard for DeFi models with its unique BuyBack concept and incredible usage cases. Tokens are bought back from the pool and immediately burned, increasing the total BNB in the pool and decreasing the total $ACE left in the pool, thus increasing value of the investor's held ACE tokens. "The AXE" buyback contract safely holds the BuyBack tax tokens converted into BNB. No-withdrawal BNB used to buy and burn tokens on the open market In effect, the circulating supply is depleted, causing the price per token to rise. Tokens are automatically bought and burned when the BuyBack mechanism is enabled. There is also a 2% static reflection incentive for Burnace token holders from every $ACE sell.

Huge APY Farming Rewards

By using our ACE Earning pools, investors can earn as much as 1075% APY rewards, using the ACE token as a signatory to access such features, so the ACE tokens becomes more valuable.

Locked LP Liquidity

60,000,000 (10%) ACE tokens will be locked as liquidity in the BURNACE contract, meaning that no one, not even the developer, will be able to withdraw it, and this liquidity will be used to establish the liquidity price. The locked LP transaction is described in detail below.
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